Basement Bathroom Installation

Client: Mrs Elizabeth

The project involved the installation of a legal full bathroom in Client’s basement. The existing concrete floor had to be removed to access the master drain, which required the installation of new drainage and connection to the existing master drain. The team then poured a new concrete floor, framed out the walls, installed water supply, electrical outlets, and lights. The walls were closed, compounded to a smooth finish, painted, and tiles installed.

Project Details:

  1. Removal of Concrete Floor: The team removed the existing concrete floor to access the master drain.
  2. Installation of New Drainage: The team installed new drainage and connected it to the existing master drain.
  3. Pouring New Concrete Floor: A new concrete floor was poured in the bathroom to replace the one that was removed.
  4. Framing out Walls: The team framed out the walls for the bathroom, ensuring that they were straight and plumb.
  5. Installation of Water Supply: The team installed the necessary water supply to the bathroom.
  6. Installation of Electrical Outlets and Lights: The team installed electrical outlets and lights to ensure that the bathroom had adequate lighting and power.
  7. Closing the Walls: The walls were closed with drywall, and compound was applied to create a smooth finish.
  8. Painting: The team painted the walls of the bathroom.
  9. Tiling: The team installed tiles on the bathroom floor and walls to give it a finished look.


The project was completed successfully by Belinquete Contracting LLC, and Mrs. Elizabeth now has a fully functional and legal full bathroom in her basement. The team worked efficiently and effectively to ensure that the project was completed on time and within budget


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