New York State Department of Transportation Sidewalk Repair

NYSDOT Side Walk

Client: NYSDOT, New York

Our contracting company was recently commissioned by New York State Department of Transport to repair concrete sidewalks in New York City. The project required saw cutting and removing the existing concrete, installing gravel for proper drainage, and adding expansion joints and wire mesh for reinforcement.

Our experienced team ensured that every aspect of the project was carried out meeting the industry standards. The demolition and replacement of the sidewalks were carried out with utmost care and precision and ensured minimal disruptions to the pedestrian and vehicular traffic in the area.

To ensure the longevity and durability of the new sidewalk, we have added necessary reinforcements and used only high-quality materials. After preparing the site and installing the mesh, we poured new concrete and finished it to a smooth, uniform finish.

Our contracting company takes pride in providing quality services that exceed our clients’ expectations. This project was no exception, and we are grateful for the opportunity to work with New York State Department of Transport and contribute to the beautification of New York City sidewalks.


Location 1
Location 2
Before & After
Location 3
Before & After

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